Keosian Law LLP, APC & Law Offices of Richard Berberian, APC
Achieve an Unprecedented Result

Los Angeles attorneys Harout G. Keosian, Esq. and Richard Berberian, Esq. obtain a $6,500,000.00 settlement in a bus versus auto collision case that left their client, a former marine and reserve police officer, severely injured.

On October 15, 2010 the client’s vehicle was struck by a bus while it was stopped at a red light. The force of the collision completely destroyed the car and caused the client severe injuries. What initially appeared to be a straight forward car accident case developed into a hotly contested lawsuit. Not only were the extent and cause of the client’s injuries not accepted by the defense lawyers, but the reasons as to why the accident occurred were also challenged.

Mr. Keosian and Mr. Berberian worked tirelessly to compel the defendants to compensate their client despite their denial of the cause of the accident and extent of the injuries. Over the last two and a half years they left no stone unturned and no avenue unexplored. They obtained and reviewed thousands of pages of documents and medical records subpoenaed in an effort to prove their case. They worked closely with doctors and care givers to track the treatment and rehabilitation of their client and took the depositions of treating physicians and surgeons in an effort to obtain favorable testimony regarding complex medical issues. Experts were hired and some were even flown in from across the country to substantiate injuries, liability, and to adequately calculate damages.

As a result, Keosian and Berberian were able to convince the defendants and their lawyers that the accident was caused by a negligent bus driver who was speeding and not paying attention because he was overworked and forced to speed to make his stops on time. In addition, their command of the medical issues convinced the defendants and their representatives that the client’s injuries were directly caused by the accident.

In June of this year the Keosian and Berberian firms were able to obtain the $6.5 Million settlement that will not only ensure that their client will receive proper medical care but will also provide financial security for his family.When asked to comment about the attorneys, the client had this to say: “…They were a Godsend. I can’t believe what they were able to do for me and my family. I know it wasn’t easy, but they worked hard for us. I thought my family will suffer forever because of what I went through, but Harout and Richard made sure that we’re taken care of.”

The Keosian Law Group, APC and Law Offices of Richard Berberian, APC are boutique law practices founded respectively by Harout G. Keosian, Esq. and Richard Berberian, Esq. in Encino, California. The firms are dedicated to representing the interests of their clients arising out of claims for personal injury, real property damage losses, medical malpractice claims, and elder neglect/abuse cases.

For privacy consideration the names of the parties will remain confidential.

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